GameMaster received an API

With version 1.4.1 the GameMaster plugin received an API.

I’m hopeing that several developers can use this API to implement it into minigames. One awesome usecase would be the GameMaster can joining a game without joining a team (or become included into the game). So nobody inside this game would notice him joining the game. If you have any ideas for future updates, let me know.

Building Plugin 0.5

Our BuildingPlugin received a new update!

We implemented a custom plot world generator, a little building event system and macros.
Furthermore we broke our current code record with over 22000 lines of code. So stay tuned for the next features.
Version 0.5 (still beta) is now available on spigot.

BuildingPlugin v0.1

The Beta Release

This minecraft bukkit plugin has been made for servers specialized in building. This plugin provides a world managment system, warps, jobs, permissions and other tiny tools. It aims to make it easy being even more productive on your building server.

Now on Spigot!